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Claire Engler – Actress and Patient of Dr. Morris

January 3rd, 2013

Violet on Disney's A.N.T. FarmClaire took her new smile and her incredible talent to Hollywood to become a television star.

We were very excited when the phone rang at Morris Orthodontics last week to learn that one of Dr. Morris’ former patients’ moms was on the phone. It was a call she had promised years ago to make one day.

On the other end of the phone was Claire Engler’s mom. Claire Engler plays “Violet” on Disney’s A.N.T.  Farm and is now living the Hollywood dream. When she was a patient of Dr. Morris’, Claire said she was doing some acting and was planning on going to California. Dr. Morris recalls saying “Don’t forget to call me when you’re famous” and they didn’t.

“I remember Claire was such a pleasant and mature girl with an incredibly positive and energetic attitude with a passion for acting. While I know nothing about Hollywood, I could really see Claire making a name for herself in Tinsel town.” Dr. Morris remarked.

So, congratulations Claire!!! We are so happy for you and we wish you continued success and happiness. We know that you and your family have worked hard to achieve your dream and it is a wonderful thing to see.

The thank you notes we receive from patients mean the world to us and the one below from Claire is no different. It is an honor to help each patient achieve the beautiful and functional smile that they deserve.

Dear Dr. Morris,

Thank you for congratulating me! You have made a huge difference in my life (and my smile! ) and I am very grateful to you. My teeth are much better and it will help me in my acting. Thanks to you, instead of needing braces, I can have Invisalign! Also, I still wear the retainer you gave me a few years ago! I love that I can smile with confidence now. Thank you so much!

All my gratitude,

Claire Engler

You can learn more about Claire at her official website,

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Dr. Morris and his wife, Deirdre, moved to Hendersonville while he completed his orthodontic residency training at Vanderbilt. They quickly fell in love with Hendersonville, love the people, and knew it was the best place to raise their three children, Sinclair, Marin, and Jay

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